DIPLab@IAC (Digital Information Processing Laboratory) is a Laboratory devoted to digital information processing, with particular reference to signal, image and video processing. DIPLab@IAC comes from the need of collecting mathematical and computer science experiences and skills in the field of data processing, accounting for the increasing interest of society in different aspects of information manipulation. One example for all is the huge impact of audio and visual information on everyone daily life. The goal of DIPLab@IAC is then to catch this need and to give both practical and theoretical solutions. In particular, solutions relative to image and signal recognition, perception and quality assessment, feature extraction, etc. will be formulated and developed for specific requests from public and private partners and/or customers. The Lab aims at being the optimal candidate partner of high tech enterprises that are specifically interested in solving cutting edge problems involving products to launch on the market and /or to patent. Finally, this Lab is also interested in playing a key role in advanced research programs with technical/scientific purposes in every field of data processing.

Research areas:

  • Computer Vision

  • Video, Signal and Image Processing

  • High Resolution Imaging

  • Perceptual Image Processing

  • Data Coding

  • Remote Sensing

  • Audio and Radar Signal Processing