Instantaneous Frequency Estimation

Instantaneous Frequency (IF) estimation of a frequency modulated (FM) signal plays a key role in several areas such as radar, speech and music analysis, surveillance etc.. The problem consists of estimating the (positive) value of the local frequency:

Φ'(t) = ∂Φ(t) / ∂t

of the time-depedent (FM) signal

f(t)= a(t)cos(Φ(t))

with amplitude a(t). Such a problem is not trivial for multicomponent signals:

f(t) = ∑k=1K ak(t) cos(Φk(t))      K ∈ N ,

as there are various and close spectral components.


  An example of multicomponent signal is shown below:

FM multicomponent signal 


In practice, there are many applications where the interference of FM signals plays a key role to design specific frameworks, such as cellular systems, satellite systems, optical fibers etc..

This is the reason why several time-frequency transform based approaches have been proposed in the literature:



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