Current Projects

Technical and Scientific Projects

One of DIPLAB goals is to promote and take part of advanced scientific projects with academical partners as well as high tech enterprises. This activity allows DIPLAB in both playing a key role in solving cutting edge problems from a theoretical point of view and in finding out practical solutions to real-world problems.

Latest Projects

  • Improved Security e-Health - ISHealth

  • Infrared Monitoring of Landslides Impacting on Railways and Roads Through Fog, Rain and Darkness

  • IMAGO - DTC - Imaging Multispettrale per l’Arte, Gamification e realtà Olografica

  • IPER3D - Procedure e sistemi per rilievi Iperspettrali 3D di Beni Culturali

  • LO.DI.NET - LOcalDIgitalNET - Eccellenze in digitale

  • Costruzione di metodi numerico/statistici basati su tecniche multiscala per il trattamento di segnali e immagini ad alta dimensionalità

About Us

DIPLab (Digital Information Processing Laboratory) is a Laboratory devoted to digital information processing, with particular reference to signal, image and video processing.

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