DIP Lab People

Research Actors

DIP Lab activity involves many students, researchers and administration staff. In particular, researcher staff includes permanent and associated researchers, visiting scientists, research fellows as well as graduate and PhD students.

Permanent Staff

Domenico Vitulano

Research Staff

Vittoria Bruni

Research Associate

Annalisa Pascarella

Research Staff

Chiara Sorgentone

Research Staff

Massimiliano Coppola

Technological Staff


Catalani Giovanni Colonna Edoardo
D’Orio Giulia Gettatelli Federico
Laureti Nicolò Matonti Catello Leonardo
Molinari Elisa Sabatini Matteo
Scocca Matteo Vinci Giuliano
Zamponi Filippo

About Us

DIPLab (Digital Information Processing Laboratory) is a Laboratory devoted to digital information processing, with particular reference to signal, image and video processing.

Our Contacts

Via Antonio Scarpa 16
00161 Roma (Italy)

(+39) 064976 6633
(+39) 064976 6648